Karen Lee

Contact Karen to book individual or group sessions or learn more about spiritual development.

Karen L. is originally from Denver, CO. by way of Los Angeles and San Diego.  She is a former housewife with hobbies. She used her sense of humor to take the edge off a difficult childhood. After a miscarriage she learned to write and perform standup comedy.   From September 1989 to February 1996 she published the ground breaking Laughter Prescription Newsletter dedicated to the healing power of humor.

For 23 years she was a corporate wife living the so-called American dream. She belonged to a power breakfast club, a country club and an elite dinner club. Her children attended private school. For Karen a bad day meant Fidelia the maid didn’t come to work and she had to cut her own avocado.

Feeling spiritually bankrupt she ended the marriage and literally moved on in life. In 1996 she met her first spiritual teacher, Shahido Kempter, and the following year through grace, Gangaji, an enlightened Western woman.

Inspired to create a spiritually based business networking group she met spiritual mentor Kat Cunningham who introduced her to world teacher Margaret Birkin in April of 2000. In addition Karen is a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki master practitioner/teacher.

Karen’s  mission is to assist people to take the next baby step along their personal path of growth. She is available to conduct seminars with Group Channeling, individual readings, and sharing responses evoked while “Connecting to the Divine”.

To book a reading or session with Karen L

Email: soulstar_46@yahoo.com

FREE PDF of “Connecting to the Divine”, 110 channeled essays,
available by email.

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